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New Issue of TIP!


It’s almost conference time! That means that the April issue of Digital TIP is now available! When you click here, you will be taken to the TIP home page.  If you’d like to read it in the e-magazine format, you can do that – but if you’d prefer to download the entire issue as a single .pdf file, you can do that instead. You will also find a complete table of contents so that you can click on individual articles and read them in either flipbook or PDF format.

This issue features news from the conference chair, the theme track chair, several committees, and all your favorite columnists!

Go ahead and bookmark the TIP homepage – that is where you will always find the most recent issue of TIP, along with a link to all of our back issues.

As always, we included the full table of contents below. You can scroll through it if you like, or just click through to the TIP home page!

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact Editor Morrie Mullins, at, or Jen Baker, SIOP Publications manager, at

Table of Contents January 2016 Volume 53, Issue 4

Steve W. J. Kozlowski
Morrie Mullins

Editorial Columns

Mark L. Poteet, Lynda Zugec, and J. Craig Wallace
Olivia Reinecke and Steven Toaddy
Allison S. Gabriel
Loren Naidoo
Steve Discont, Craig Russell, Daniel Gandara, and Katina Sawyer
Grace Ewles, Thomas Sasso, and Jessica Sorenson
M.K. Ward, Xiaoyuan (Susan) Zhu, and William Becker
Ashley Hoffman
Matthew Minton
Lynda Zugec, with Peter Zarris and Tim Bednall
Richard Tonowski
Seth Kaplan and Laura Uttley
Nikki Blacksmith and Tiffany Poeppelman
Richard M. Vosburgh
Milt Hakel
Jeffrey M. Cucina and Nathan A. Bowling

Feature Articles

Ben Porr, Ted Axton, Meredith Ferro, and Soner Dumani
Enrique Cabrera-Caban, Rebecca Garden, Arianna White, and Katelyn Reynoldson
Jonathan M. Cottrell, Eleni V. Lobene, Nicholas R. Martin, and Anthony S. Boyce


Scott Tonidandel and Eden King
The SIOP Education and Training Committee
SIOP Scientific Affairs Committee
Zack Horn
Alexander Gloss, Lori Foster, Deborah Rupp, John C. Scott, Lise Saari, Mathian Osicki, Kristin Charles, Drew Mallory, and Dan Maday
APA Program Committee
Deirdre Knapp, Lori Foster, Gary Latham, and Georgia Chao
Tammy Allen, Milt Hakel, Bill Macey (co-chair), Fred Oswald (co-chair), Ann Marie Ryan, Neal Schmitt, and Nancy Tippins
Mark L. Poteet
Alyssa LaCava
Clif Boutelle
Marianna Horn

SIOP – Update


IOP is pleased to announce the launch of the Health, Safety, and Well-Being Registry.

Health, safety, and well-being in the workplace affects many outcomes of interest to companies such as employee productivity, turnover, and absenteeism. Research suggests that these outcomes can be addressed through various types of employee wellness programs and training that improves employee well-being in general.

It is our mission to create a network of Industrial-Organizational Psychologists from across the country and world who wish to be part of interdisciplinary teams working on improving employee health, safety, and well-being in organizations. This is a centralized source for contacts and referrals.

Reacțiile candidaților


Vă invităm să parcurgeți un articol interesant despre reacțiile candidaților privind atitudinile și comportamentele la locul de muncă. Articolul reprezintă o sumarizare a mai multor studii și evidențiază bunele practici privind candidații la locul de muncă.

Accesați articolul aici.

Obiectivul acestei lucrări este de a realiza o legătură între cercetarea privind atitudinile candidaților și comportamentul la locul de muncă. Vom realiza acest obiectiv prin evidențierea motivului pentru care reacțiile candidaților contează, subliniind descoperirile cheie ale cercetărilor realizate, prezentând similaritățile, precum și diferențele internaționale și realizând o listă de bune practici.